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360 Fitness Equipment Blog

Rowing Machines in Oakland, Callifornia

Holly Hamilton of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Rowing Machines in Oakland CA

Did you know that exercising on a rowing machine is an excellent way to acquire maximum fitness. Rowing machines can easily help health and fitness lovers in Oakland to develop and tone muscles, build up cardio and boost your overall endurance. A rower is the very best workout machine for more mature individuals in Oakland, CA because they do not put strain on the back or joints. 

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Buy Treadmills in Oakland

Holly Hamilton of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Buy Treadmills in Oakland

Living in Oakland, physical fitness is probably important to you, whether you’ve been able to provide sufficient time for it lately. The very best approach to acquire personal health and get fit is to get a brand-new top quality treadmill from 360 Fitness Superstore. 360 Fitness, an excellent treadmill store, offers numerous top quality, exceptional treadmill machines in Oakland. 

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Why You Should Go With Plate-Loaded Machines For Your Home Gym

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Thursday, December 20, 2018
Why You Should Go With Plate-Loaded Machines For Your Home Gym

There are a couple of turning points when trying to create a functional home-workout space. One of them is the choice between plate-loaded machines and alternative options such as resistant machines. The best direction is to go with plate-loaded machines – and here are the reasons we think that.

The Benefits Of Buying Plate-Loaded Machines

Plate-loaded workout machines are a cost-effective inclusion to your home gym. By choosing these machines, you simultaneously choose to buy weighted plates. While the machine itself will not come in useful to other exercises, these plates will.

You can recycle the uses of your weighted plates and also use them with other fitness equipment in your home gym. They can be used with your curl bar - and your Olympic barbell for squatting and deadlifts. Not to mention that some shoulder, chest and core exercises only require these plates. For example, a plate loaded chest press is a great alternative to buying additional free weights.

The alternatives to a plate-loaded workout machine do not offer the same level of value for money. They do not lend themselves to other exercises alike machines that use weighted plates. Rather they force exercises to use pre-determined loads that are altered via a pin.

This brings us on to another benefit in choosing a plate-loaded machine over the likes of a resistant machine. Adding your own plates means you can determine the exact load you lift and the level of progressions you make. On the other hand, a resistant machine has pre-set increments of weight that cannot be manipulated in the same way for a more personal workout routine. 

Choose The Best Local Gym Equipment Provided

360 Fitness Superstore has an extensive selection of different types of commercial and domestic gym equipment. Within our fleet, we stock a range of quality plate-loaded machines so you can reap the aforementioned benefits. Come and take a look at your options and our other equipment, today!


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Why Warranties Are An Important Consideration When Buying A Treadmill

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Why Warranties Are An Important Consideration When Buying A Treadmill

When you choose to buy a quality piece of gym equipment, you expect it to last. Most of the time, there are no issues and your equipment serves you well. Yet, there is always the risk that your expensive gym equipment could malfunction, or you yourself cause accidental damage to your equipment. For gym owners and home-gym builders, a treadmill is one piece of equipment you don’t want to go wrong or become damaged.

Remember To Get A Warranty With Your Treadmill

If you bought a treadmill for a commercial gym, you now place your investment in the hands of your members. You need to hope that your members take care of the treadmill and use it as it is supposed to be used. However, you can never be sure.

If you just bought a treadmill to enhance your home gym then you can easily convince yourself that it is in your safe hands only. Before you rush to the running sneakers section, do consider that your treadmill could still malfunction or it may still be accidentally damaged.

To counter these possibilities, it’s important to take out a warranty on your treadmill upon purchase. There are many types of warranties and lengths of warranties to choose from. Remember to read the small print on any warranty you consider so you know exactly what is and what is not included.

This is one good reason why shopping at a local fitness store is important. Taking out a warranty with a local supplier who you also bought the treadmill with is much safer than trusting warranties found on the internet!

Buy A Treadmill And Get A Reliable Warranty With Us

Come and see the excellent range of treadmills we currently offer. We stock a wide selection to cater for different needs and different budgets. We supply our Treadmills with warranties so you can purchase quality gym equipment with confidence.


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Why should I Buy An Elliptical Instead Of A Treadmill?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Why should I Buy An Elliptical Instead Of A Treadmill?

Using cardiovascular gym equipment has a range of health benefits. However, some pieces of kit are more beneficial to certain groups. If you’re looking at buying a treadmill, maybe you would be better off with an elliptical? Let’s look at the pros of choosing both machines and discuss who should buy which one.

Treadmill Benefits

If you’re a runner or a sprinter then a treadmill is more beneficial to you. Naturally, treadmills mimic the exact form used to run as you would in the outdoors. They are perfect for people who compete in races or are gearing up for fundraising running events.

Elliptical Benefits

Ellipticals may not help you prepare for a specific sport, but they are still capable of helping you burn calories and improve your overall fitness. Yet, an elliptical does something that a treadmill cannot. Using an elliptical means exercisers experience no impacts at their joints. Yes, the best treadmills can absorb shock really well to keep you protected, but an elliptical completely eradicates the chance of aggravating current problems and stops them from developing.

Should You Get An Elliptical Then?

Treadmills are still the number-one option for many people. If you’re a serious runner then a treadmill will prepare you for racing. Those wanting to burn a high number of calories should also consider a treadmill over an elliptical.

For people who are conscious about their joints and their bodies as they age, an elliptical provides a much safer and joint-friendly alternative to the treadmill. Moreover, there is another group who should also consider an elliptical over a treadmill. Ellipticals provide the option of using their handles to work the upper body as well, which is ideal for exercisers seeking a holistic workout. Choose an elliptical for a low-impact, safe and full-body workout!

So, What Will It Be?

Have you stuck with the decision to buy a treadmill or have you been converted to an elliptical enthusiast? Either way, we at 360 Fitness Superstore have a fine selection of both options. We have a range of models to cater for many needs, gyms, homes and budgets. Come and see them for yourself!


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Why Shop At A Local Fitness Equipment Store?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Monday, December 17, 2018
Why Shop At A Local Fitness Equipment Store?

If your home workout space or commercial gym is in need of some new equipment and accessories, you have two options. You can look for equipment online or you can visit a local fitness store that is supplying quality products. For many people, both of these are great options. However, choosing to buy online instead of visiting a supplier in person can be more of a risk – let’s explain!

Why Buy Fitness Equipment Locally?

Choosing to buy locally is a safer choice. It allows you to go and see the equipment before you buy it. You cannot be misled into buying the wrong items through cleverly-worded product descriptions if you see the product for yourself. Visiting in person also always you to try the machine or piece of equipment. You can determine the quality of the product and look for any functional flaws in a local store which is not possible online. There is also the chance that you will encounter a product you were not aware of which is even more apt for your needs.

Shopping at a local fitness store also affords you face-to-face interaction with a knowledgeable expert. Staff members can discuss your requirements to give you reliable information. They may even be able to offer you alternative products that are more suited to your fitness goals or gym redevelopment. Local stores are more likely to offer bonus services too! They may be able to repair your equipment if something goes wrong and may be able to offer payment plans so you don’t have to pay for lots of new equipment at one time.

Shop With Us

If shopping locally sounds like a wise plan to you, then come and visit us at the 360 Fitness Superstore. We are a renowned fitness-equipment supplier in California with a formidable reputation for proving quality fitness equipment and excellent customer service. To see the types of products we stock before visiting, simply check out our digital aisles first.


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Why Gym Owners Should Finance Gym Equipment Instead Of Paying Cash

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Sunday, December 16, 2018
Why Gym Owners Should Finance Gym Equipment Instead Of Paying Cash

Managing any business is difficult but managing your own gym can be especially tough. With members coming and going, it can be hard to forecast your finances. It also makes buying new state-of-the-art equipment rather daunting. Even though upgrading your current fleet of equipment is a sensible business decision, the uncertainty around finances can make it a bit of a risk. However, there is another way!

Reasons To Finance Gym Equipment

The best local fitness-equipment suppliers will let you finance your gym equipment over a longer period instead of making you pay the full price up front. This option has many benefits:

  • Happy members – by financing equipment you can make immediate improvements to your gym rather than having to save up for improvements. Quick improvements and a fast response to feedback or complaints will help to keep your members happy and keep them feeling valued.
  • Reduces financial risks – the best equipment does not come cheap. By financing your commercial gym equipment, you improve your cash flow and do not put your business under any short-term financial uncertainty.
  • Maintain positive branding – having the best equipment is one way of improving and building your brand. Having top-notch equipment gives a positive impression which can turn trial passes into year-long memberships and prevent current members from considering your nearby competitors.

The Other Alternative

The other option is to not upgrade your gym equipment at all. This is the easiest option because it does not require you to spend money. However, one of the biggest reasons people terminate their gym memberships is because the equipment becomes worn or damaged. Investing in your business with new equipment is important if you want to retain members and attract new ones.

Finance Your Equipment With Us

Gym owners huddle in because you can now finance commercial gym equipment with us at an exceptional rate! Browse through all of our equipment and accessories for commercial gyms and do not hesitate to contact us for more information


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Why A Rowing Machine Is A Total Body Workout?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Saturday, December 15, 2018
Why A Rowing Machine Is A Total Body Workout?

A rowing machine is a fantastic way to burn calories and build strength. Yet, many gym-goers look over at the rowing machine section in fear. While they hide behind their treadmill or FID bench, they don’t usually realize the total-body benefits they’re missing out on.

These machines are one of the best total body workout options. You may want to reconsider your routine if you’ve been avoiding the rowing machine in your gym or have an empty rowing-machine-sized space in your home workout space.

The Best Total Body Workout

We’ve pulled out our gym gear and are ready to demonstrate why the rowing machine provides the best total body workout. Let’s talk you through each key muscle group that is activated when using these machines:

Lower body – you might be surprised to know that the primary group of muscles that are worked during rowing are your legs. If your biceps are more tired than your quadriceps, gastrocnemius and hamstrings while rowing, there is a possibility that your technique is a little off.

Arms – this doesn’t mean your arms are taking the day off. Pulling the handle towards your sternum requires force and is a great way to build strength and endurance in your biceps and triceps. The way you hold the handle will determine the exact muscles that are worked.

Back and shoulders – with every pull of the handle you are working your shoulders and your upper back muscles. Your rotator cuff, trapezius and your deltoid will be active throughout your rowing exercise.

Core – while you row, it's important to engage your core to keep you stable. Having an engaged core also encourages correct form and prevents slouching or potential injury.

Get A Rowing Machine With 360 Fitness Superstore

There are many different types of rowing machines on our shelves and that’s because certain rowing machines are more beneficial to certain types of people. Head on over to our rowing machine department and see the cost-effective and industry-leading models we stock. Get in touch for more information on any of our pieces or to get your queries answered by our friendly staff.


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Who Should Use A Recumbent Indoor Bike?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Friday, December 14, 2018
Who Should Use A Recumbent Indoor Bike?

There are many types of exercise bikes to choose from when creating a home gym or planning to expand your commercial premises. One of these types of bikes is a Recumbent Bike. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about these bikes and explain who should be getting one.

What Is A Recumbent Bike?

A Recumbent Bike is one of three different types of exercise bikes. Yet, this type is significantly different from the other two types. Whereas a Spin Bike or an Indoor Upright Bike do not provide any postural support, the Recumbent Bike does. These bikes come with a much larger chair-like seat instead of a bike seat for additional comfort. The seat also has a backrest so exercisers can work their lower body with spinal support. In comparison, the other two main types of exercise bikes cause the user to support themselves on a small seat or require them to hunch over towards the handlebars.

Who Should Use An Indoor Recumbent Bike?

Due to a Recumbent Bike enabling people to exercise with spinal support, these pieces of equipment become exceptionally useful to a certain group of people. People with lower back problems will benefit from an indoor Recumbent Bike the most. They can use these bikes to exercise in comfort without the risk of aggregating ongoing issues or pains. Elderly people may be a prime example of people who will benefit from these indoor bikes. Even if the elderly person has not got back issues, the oversized seat will prevent them having to balance on a small bike seat and reduce the risk of falls.

Find A Quality Indoor Recumbent Bike Here

We sell a selection of exceptional exercise bikes for different budgets. Within our fleet, we stock an array of Recumbent Bikes. For additional information on our bikes, or to get your questions answered, come and visit us at one of our branches or give us a call and speak to a knowledgeable staff member, today!


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Where Should I Go When My Treadmill Breaks Down?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Thursday, December 13, 2018
Where Should I Go When My Treadmill Breaks Down?

When your fitness equipment isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to, you may not know who to turn to. Before you begrudgingly start shopping for a replacement, give a local fitness store the opportunity to take a look at your gym equipment and see what how they may be able to help.

Why A Local Fitness Store May Be Able To Help

Many of the best gym-equipment suppliers can offer repairs on different types of exercise equipment. One of the most common inquiries is to repair treadmills. Treadmills are common casualties due to being larger and more complex machines than other pieces of equipment.

If your treadmill has given up early, then contact your local experts to take a look. Many local stores employ technicians to repair their own products that go wrong. This means they are well equipped to repair any products sold by them and are more than likely capable of diagnosing issues and fixing similar models sold by other suppliers.

Another Reason To Shop Locally!

The fact that equipment can break is another reason to shop for your gym equipment at a local fitness store. If you buy equipment in-person at a store you have an easy first point of call if anything goes wrong. Compare this to shopping online where emails may not be responded to, customer service can be slow and frustrating – or, companies can even go missing.

Local suppliers will already be knowledgeable enough to diagnose the problems with the equipment they sell, so you get your treadmill or other equipment in working order again, fast!

Contact The 360 Fitness Superstore For Treadmill Repairs

If you’re located in the San Francisco Bay area and need your gym equipment repairing, do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you. We employ a team of experienced and skilled technicians who will understand the problem and get it fixed in a much more efficient timeframe for you or your business. Our delivery team even has a maximum 24-hour response time!


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