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Why A Rowing Machine Is A Total Body Workout?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Saturday, December 15, 2018
Why A Rowing Machine Is A Total Body Workout?

A rowing machine is a fantastic way to burn calories and build strength. Yet, many gym-goers look over at the rowing machine section in fear. While they hide behind their treadmill or FID bench, they don’t usually realize the total-body benefits they’re missing out on.

These machines are one of the best total body workout options. You may want to reconsider your routine if you’ve been avoiding the rowing machine in your gym or have an empty rowing-machine-sized space in your home workout space.

The Best Total Body Workout

We’ve pulled out our gym gear and are ready to demonstrate why the rowing machine provides the best total body workout. Let’s talk you through each key muscle group that is activated when using these machines:

Lower body – you might be surprised to know that the primary group of muscles that are worked during rowing are your legs. If your biceps are more tired than your quadriceps, gastrocnemius and hamstrings while rowing, there is a possibility that your technique is a little off.

Arms – this doesn’t mean your arms are taking the day off. Pulling the handle towards your sternum requires force and is a great way to build strength and endurance in your biceps and triceps. The way you hold the handle will determine the exact muscles that are worked.

Back and shoulders – with every pull of the handle you are working your shoulders and your upper back muscles. Your rotator cuff, trapezius and your deltoid will be active throughout your rowing exercise.

Core – while you row, it's important to engage your core to keep you stable. Having an engaged core also encourages correct form and prevents slouching or potential injury.

Get A Rowing Machine With 360 Fitness Superstore

There are many different types of rowing machines on our shelves and that’s because certain rowing machines are more beneficial to certain types of people. Head on over to our rowing machine department and see the cost-effective and industry-leading models we stock. Get in touch for more information on any of our pieces or to get your queries answered by our friendly staff.


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Who Should Use A Recumbent Indoor Bike?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Friday, December 14, 2018
Who Should Use A Recumbent Indoor Bike?

There are many types of exercise bikes to choose from when creating a home gym or planning to expand your commercial premises. One of these types of bikes is a Recumbent Bike. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about these bikes and explain who should be getting one.

What Is A Recumbent Bike?

A Recumbent Bike is one of three different types of exercise bikes. Yet, this type is significantly different from the other two types. Whereas a Spin Bike or an Indoor Upright Bike do not provide any postural support, the Recumbent Bike does. These bikes come with a much larger chair-like seat instead of a bike seat for additional comfort. The seat also has a backrest so exercisers can work their lower body with spinal support. In comparison, the other two main types of exercise bikes cause the user to support themselves on a small seat or require them to hunch over towards the handlebars.

Who Should Use An Indoor Recumbent Bike?

Due to a Recumbent Bike enabling people to exercise with spinal support, these pieces of equipment become exceptionally useful to a certain group of people. People with lower back problems will benefit from an indoor Recumbent Bike the most. They can use these bikes to exercise in comfort without the risk of aggregating ongoing issues or pains. Elderly people may be a prime example of people who will benefit from these indoor bikes. Even if the elderly person has not got back issues, the oversized seat will prevent them having to balance on a small bike seat and reduce the risk of falls.

Find A Quality Indoor Recumbent Bike Here

We sell a selection of exceptional exercise bikes for different budgets. Within our fleet, we stock an array of Recumbent Bikes. For additional information on our bikes, or to get your questions answered, come and visit us at one of our branches or give us a call and speak to a knowledgeable staff member, today!


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Where Should I Go When My Treadmill Breaks Down?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Thursday, December 13, 2018
Where Should I Go When My Treadmill Breaks Down?

When your fitness equipment isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to, you may not know who to turn to. Before you begrudgingly start shopping for a replacement, give a local fitness store the opportunity to take a look at your gym equipment and see what how they may be able to help.

Why A Local Fitness Store May Be Able To Help

Many of the best gym-equipment suppliers can offer repairs on different types of exercise equipment. One of the most common inquiries is to repair treadmills. Treadmills are common casualties due to being larger and more complex machines than other pieces of equipment.

If your treadmill has given up early, then contact your local experts to take a look. Many local stores employ technicians to repair their own products that go wrong. This means they are well equipped to repair any products sold by them and are more than likely capable of diagnosing issues and fixing similar models sold by other suppliers.

Another Reason To Shop Locally!

The fact that equipment can break is another reason to shop for your gym equipment at a local fitness store. If you buy equipment in-person at a store you have an easy first point of call if anything goes wrong. Compare this to shopping online where emails may not be responded to, customer service can be slow and frustrating – or, companies can even go missing.

Local suppliers will already be knowledgeable enough to diagnose the problems with the equipment they sell, so you get your treadmill or other equipment in working order again, fast!

Contact The 360 Fitness Superstore For Treadmill Repairs

If you’re located in the San Francisco Bay area and need your gym equipment repairing, do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you. We employ a team of experienced and skilled technicians who will understand the problem and get it fixed in a much more efficient timeframe for you or your business. Our delivery team even has a maximum 24-hour response time!


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Where Can I Buy Quality Fitness Equipment?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Where Can I Buy Quality Fitness Equipment?

If you are setting up your own home gym or are the owner of a commercial gym, one thing always matters above all else. You need to own quality fitness equipment that you or your members can rely on and be proud to use.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of ordering online because it is convenient, or because we believe we have found a bargain. However, a lot of the time these orders lack the quality and personal service that can be found elsewhere. So, what are the alternatives to buying blind?

Shop At A Local Fitness Store

By stepping away from the computer and heading to a local fitness store selling quality gym equipment, you can guarantee that you will not be lured in by photoshopped images and manipulated product descriptions.

Seeing pieces of equipment in person and trying them out for yourself is one way of getting a feel for the quality on offer. This way, you can also get to grips with how they work and their dimension before choosing to buy them. This is not always possible when shopping from international suppliers or from unrecognized websites.

When you visit a local fitness store you also receive a personal service. Staff members can recommend alternatives that are more suited to your needs and explain how pieces of equipment and accessories work.

Don’t Completely Exclude Online Shopping

This doesn’t mean you should never shop for your fitness equipment online. Looking up products on offer before heading to a store in person is a great way of shortlisting what you are looking for and will save you time when you arrive.

Moreover, if you have found long-lasting and quality equipment from one store before, it is much safer to start ordering directly from their website because you are already assured that they only stock the best fitness equipment.

Come and visit us at the 360 Fitness Superstore to test our equipment, meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff, and see the exceptional standards we hold for all of our stock!


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What Types Of Exercises Can I Do With A Folding, Incline, Decline Workout Bench?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Tuesday, December 11, 2018
What Types Of Exercises Can I Do With A Folding, Incline, Decline Workout Bench?

Some of the most valuable real estate in any commercial gym is the FID bench. The “FID” in FID bench stands for folding, incline and decline. These are benches that can be adjusted to execute different types of exercises and variations of the same exercise. In fact, this one piece of equipment can be used to target every area of your body. Let’s take a look at just some key exercises that are afforded by a quality FID bench.

Chest Press

One of the most common uses with a FID bench is to build up your pectorals minor and pectorals major. This requires lying on the bench with free weights and pressing them in an upward motion. Altering the incline or decline of the bench enables you to target different areas of the pectorals.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Your lower body is not neglected with a FID bench. Leg muscles can be targeted by supporting the resting leg during Bulgarian split squats. These are a type of one-legged squat often completed while holding free weights.

Shoulder Press

By adjusting the FID bench to an upright position, it becomes the perfect piece of equipment to build shoulder strength and muscle. Users can perform vertical shoulder presses using free weights in this position.

One-Arm Rows

One-arm rows are great for strengthening your back. Instead of adjusting the longer section of the bench, this exercise requires you to adjust the seat to give a slight incline for stability. Then, the exerciser will place one knee and one hand on the bench with a straight spine and facing forwards. Using the other hand, they pull a free weight up to their side and repeat.

Incline Bicep Curl

For the Saturday night t-shirt muscles, a FID bench can be adjusted to approximately 45 degrees and provide a platform for a bicep curl. Standing behind the bench, the exerciser rests their arm against the bench and performs a single-arm set of curls with a weight before switching arms. The use of a bench ensures the optimal range of mobility.


It isn't always about free weights with a FID bench. You can work many muscles without any other equipment, including your core. While lying on the bench with your hands tucked behind the headrest, slowly lift your legs together to a vertical point then return them to their original position.

Get A FID Bench, Today!

These are just some popular and fundamental exercises that can be done with a FID bench. We sell some of the best FID benches for commercial and private gym owners. There are many different models of FID benches to choose from with us, so come and take a look at the quality on offer, today!


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What Spin Bike Should I Buy?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Monday, December 10, 2018
What Spin Bike Should I Buy?

Spin bikes are a popular choice among cyclists who want to keep training whatever the weather and for fitness fanatics who like to burn a lot of calories during their workouts. But, with a lot of options out there - what spin bike should you buy and what things do you need to consider before buying?

Buy The Right Size

It’s important to buy a spin bike that fits your exact build. Many of these bikes adjust between a range that most of the population will fit somewhere between. However, it’s always better to go and visit a store to check if the spin bike is a good fit for you. If you buy online, you can fall victim to buying an ill-fitting spin bike that you won't enjoy using or could cause you prolonged discomfort.

Buy The Right… Size

Aside from the adjustability of the spin bike to tailor to you, you need a spin bike that works for your home. Thankfully, most spin bikes are a seamless fit into home gyms because they're streamlined and don’t take up much room. Nevertheless, some models are bigger than others and some can be stored more compactly. Keep this in mind as you window shop.

Buy A Recognized Brand

Recognized spin-bike brands are well-known because they have earned their reputation. They have proved that they provide quality spin bikes that afford outstanding features and phenomenal longevity. This is why buying from a trusted supplier of an industry-recognized brand such as Vision, Horizon, Life Fitness and Schwinn is a smart choice. Their models are less likely to need repairing or falter over time.

The Best Spin Bike Suppliers

Now you know the key considerations when shopping for a quality spin bike, where can you get one? Thankfully for you, the 360 Fitness Superstore is on hand to provide a wide range of quality options from a host of celebrated brands. We have spin bikes for all budgets so come and visit our stock to find one for you!


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What Is The Difference Between A $699 Treadmill Vs A $9,000 Treadmill

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Sunday, December 09, 2018
What Is The Difference Between A $699 Treadmill Vs A $9,000 Treadmill

Although a treadmill that does the workout for you is yet to be invented, there is a notable difference between treadmills that cost significantly different prices. At face value, it can be difficult to understand why one treadmill is more than ten times the price of another one. To bust this riddle, we are going to explain the key differences between the cheaper and more costly models.

Three Key Differences To Look For

To help you comprehend the price gap between treadmills, consider the following three functions. Checking for these things will help you decide if you have in fact found a bargain or if you’re overpaying for your model of treadmill!

Shock absorption systems – the better treadmills are better for your body. They have special technology located under the belt that is capable of absorbing shock as you jog and reducing the impact on your ankles, knees and hip joints. Investing in a more sophisticated treadmill with shock absorption is an investment in your wellbeing and more suitable for specific groups.

Entertainment functions – the more expensive treadmills will allow you to watch television on the incorporated screen and plug in your music devices. Some treadmills can now even connect to WiFi and include apps.

Multiple programmes – the more expensive treadmills allow you to do more things and tailor workouts to your specific routine. They also include heart rate monitors and other information trackers so you can keep tabs on your performance.

Find Cost-Effective And Luxury Treadmills With Us

Ultimately, the best treadmill for you or your gym will depend on your budget. This is why we stock an extensive range of treadmills to cater to different people’s needs. An example is the range of Life Fitness treadmills we offer.

A Life Fitness treadmill may fall into different price categories and be great value for money to any buyer. For more information on any of our cardiovascular equipment, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


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Ways to do Leg Press Exercises At Home

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Friday, December 07, 2018
Ways to do Leg Press Exercises At Home

Working out our lower body is crucial because our legs house the largest muscles in our body. Strong legs enable us to remain stable during other exercises and help us navigate our daily tasks easily.

For men, doing leg press exercises activates more muscle fibers which actually leads to an increase in testosterone. Exercising other muscle groups quickly after completing leg exercises can stimulate muscular strength and growth in other areas. Leg exercises should never be forgotten, so what is the king of exercises for completing leg-press exercises at home?

Squat, Squat And Squat!

One of the most important cardio workouts should be your run to the squat rack. Fortunately, you won’t need to do this anymore if you have your own quality squat rack or power cage at home.

There are benefits to doing your leg press exercises in a squat rack or a power cage instead of relying on resistant machines and plate-loaded machines. When done properly, squatting is a full-body workout. It activates more muscle fibers in your legs and in other areas of your body, including your core.

Using a squat rack also requires you to make your own movement pathway. This is part of the reason you activate more muscle fibers doing these exercises. By creating your own pathways rather than being aided by pre-determined ranges of motion, you build strength more efficiently and more effectively.

There is also the added benefit that a squat rack can come in useful with other equipment such as FID benches and they usually have handles to do pull-ups. A standalone leg-press machine does not afford these extras. Overall, the squat rack outshines alternative options in the exercise itself, as well as in their multiple uses for home-gym owners.

Is There Anything Else To Consider?

Remember to target all the muscle groups in your legs as well. Leg-press-type exercises are important compound movements to keep in your routine, but they need to be complemented by other exercises. Overstimulating and overdeveloping one muscle in your leg can be influential in causing injuries because your other muscles do not work together as well or provide a weight balance with the overdeveloped muscle.

Check Out Our Squat Racks And Power Cages

Remember to take a look at the different squat racks and power cages we currently stock. Some of these are perfect for home gyms with a lot of room and we also have space-efficient models that can be folded too!


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Is it Expensive To Set Up A Home Gym?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Thursday, December 06, 2018
Is it Expensive To Set Up A Home Gym?

There are lots of convenient and long-term economic benefits in setting up your own home gym. Setting up a home gym can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. To teach you how, we are going to explain how to set up a home gym without having to break open the piggy bank or reach down the back of the recliner.

How To Create A Cheap Home Gym Setup?

Finding cheap gym equipment is not the best way of creating a home gym. It may seem counter-intuitive to say so, but buying cheap usually means buying poor quality that doesn’t last and ends up costing more over the long haul. Instead, to create a cheap home gym setup, you need to be smart!

Most home gyms have limited space, so the key trick is to use that space wisely and get the most out of it. The second important point is to get the most possible exercises from the least amount of equipment. Together, these points will make for a highly-efficient home-workout area.

Both of these key considerations surround the equipment you choose to buy. It’s important to buy multifunctional equipment that can be used for more than one exercise and can be paired with other pieces of equipment and accessories to completely transform their use.

It’s important to make sure the equipment’s dimensions fit your area to avoid creating an unsafe home gym. Sometimes it’s worth investing in products to store your equipment such as racks. Storing equipment is crucial to utilizing space to its maximum and maintaining the condition of your gear.

Examples Of What To Buy

With these points in mind, it’s time for some examples for you to work with. Instead of buying a pin-weight machine, it’s better to buy a plate-loaded machine. The plates on these machines can come in useful on their own for some additional exercises that target other muscles groups than the machine will alone. They can also be used with other pieces of equipment such as barbells and z-bars.

If you are looking for a cardiovascular machine, then space becomes a deciding factor. Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes and Ellipticals can be bulky options so it’s better to choose more streamlined options like some rowing machines or a compact indoor bike.

Create A Cheap Home Gym With Us

Once you have mind mapped your home gym, it’s time to start shopping. We offer a wide selection of industry-leading products and accessories for home gyms. Search our full collection and don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information!


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