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How Much Time Do You Save With A Home Gym?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Wednesday, December 05, 2018
How Much Time Do You Save With A Home Gym?

Home gyms are popping up around the country. Smart people are creating exceptional workout areas in their own premises due to an array of benefits. Making your very own home gym can be seen as an investment. Instead of paying sign-up fees and handing over your hard-earned cash for your membership each month, you can get quality equipment to keep for yourself. There is also a lot of time to be saved with a home gym. But, where do you save time and how much time do you actually save?

Commuting Time

The biggest time saver for many home exercises is in no longer commuting. If you are a bit of a gym addict and are working out more than four times each week, those round trips and your gas bill can add up. How much time you spend commuting depends on your proximity to your favorite gym. However, just a 20-minute journey to the gym at three visits per week results in 104-hours behind the wheel each year. Think of what you could do with those hours back?

Have Your Own Schedule

If you make use of your local gym’s classes then you abide by their timetable. This can throw your day off and cause you to lose more time. Instead of working out at a time that suits someone else, you can workout at home when you have your own equipment. Most classes use minimal equipment so this is one of the easiest ways to save a few hours each week.

Waiting Around

Once you complete the most important sit up of all - from the couch, it can be disappointing to find your gym is overcrowded. Waiting around for other members to finish their Instagram posts while hogging equipment can inconveniently extend your workouts. This could be by ten minutes or half an hour. Either way, the time adds up for peak-hour gym-goers

Fill Your Home Gym With Quality Equipment Here

Save time with us! We stock quality gym equipment which is perfect for domestic use. Browse our products and find the perfect pieces of equipment and accessories to create a workout space tailored for your specific routine. Our stock comes from the most celebrated manufacturers in the industry and names you can trust.


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Exercises You Can Do With A Wall Ball

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Monday, December 03, 2018
Exercises You Can Do With A Wall Ball

If burpees are your least favorite exercise, we’re about to change that. A medicine ball, sometimes referred to as a wall ball due to one of their key uses, offers a lot of possible exercises. From this one piece of fitness equipment, you can work lots of muscle groups - and one particular exercise may just top your list as your new least favorite.

Wall Ball Workout

Right now, the name Wall Balls may not mean anything to you, but once you’ve tried them the same name could send a cold shudder down your spine. This exercise requires you to hold the ball to your chest with your shoulders pulled back and your feet shoulder-width apart. Then you must perform a standard squat, but at the top of the squat you must throw the ball into the wall around 9 feet up and catch it on the rebound. This is one rep of a full-body exercise and you can repeat as your routine requires.

Rolling Push Up

The Rolling Push Up targets multiple upper-body muscles just like your regular push-ups. However, there is one difference. One arm rests on the ball during a repetition instead of on the floor, which increases the range of motion on the same side. Between reps, the ball is switched from each hand to balance out the workout.

Ball Crunches

These balls offer multiple ways of activating your core strength. One of the most effective exercises is Ball Crunches. To complete this exercise, you must lie on your back with your legs straight in the air to create a right angle. Hold the ball in your hands while stretching them above your head. Slowly crunch up and place the ball between your ankles then return to your resting position without the ball. On the second rep you will retrieve the ball and so on.

That was just three exercises possible with a wall ball, but they can be utilized for many more simple and innovative exercises.


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Bumper Plate Sets Are A Great Way To Save Money

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Sunday, December 02, 2018
Bumper Plate Sets Are A Great Way To Save Money

When creating a commercial or home gym, we aim to create a space that is full of quality equipment that is both safe and cost-effective. Choosing to add bumper plate sets to your commercial or domestic gym is especially beneficial in helping you save money, without compromising on standards or safety.

What Are Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are the safer answer to iron plates. Unlike iron plates, they are made using urethane or rubber which can be dropped on gym flooring without damage. Bumper plates are most frequently used by Olympic Weightlifters and CrossFitters because they lift heavier loads above their heads. Instead of dropping steel plates from such heights, they can drop these plates without damaging the floor and without compromising their own or anybody else’s safety.

How Do Bumper Plate Sets Save You Money?

Buying bumper plate sets can save you money. First of all, you can get them in a wide choice of packs that comprise of different weights. It’s easy to find a set that is perfect for you without overspending on weighted plates that you don’t need. Buying in sets also saves you money from buying plates individually.

Secondly, using bumper plates allows you to exercise with limited mats or specialist flooring. In comparison, using steel plates means you need to pay more for mats and gym flooring that can withstand heavy loads being dropped and the impact of steel.

There is also a financial benefit in the safety of bumper plates. For commercial gym owners, you are less likely to be calling your insurance company because of an accident - and home-gym owners are less likely to be making their own trips to the costly emergency room.

Buy Your Bumper Plate Sets Here!

We sell a fine selection of bumper plate sets to match your training needs and workout goals. Choose from different weights, brands and even get a stand to keep them stored away neat and tidy. For more information, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will be happy to answer your questions.


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5 Reasons You Should Not Buy A Peloton Spin Bike

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Saturday, December 01, 2018
5 Reasons You Should Not Buy A Peloton Spin Bike

Many people choose to buy a Peloton spin bike. However, these people have never encountered the Life Fitness IC7 model. If they had, there would be no way that they would have bought the Peloton model instead. Here are five reasons why you should choose the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike over a Peloton design.

Five Unbeatable Features Of The Life Fitness IC7 Spin Bike

There are many exceptional features on the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike. Here are our five favorites that make sure there is no photo finish between this and any Peloton model currently on the market.

Myride – the Myride experience provided straight to the console of these bikes is second to none. It enhances the experience of using a spin bike by letting riders enjoy breathtaking footage of cycling routes around the globe. Users can also track their performance through the Myride feature and get feedback and instructions from a results-orientated virtual coach. The Myride experience has multiple settings to adapt to different users.

Comfort – any rider of the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike will ride in comfort. This is because it is equipped with a unisex seat which has been innovatively manufactured to provide additional comfort in areas where we need it most.

WattRate – these products include the unique and unrivaled WattRate technology to accurately calculate your speed. This technology cannot be beaten by any competitor – never mind just Peloton indoor bikes.

It’s green – no, we don’t mean the color! This spin bike is completely self-sufficient and recharges itself through the user. Riding this bike adds charge to it and it has no batteries whatsoever. It’s great for the planet as well as your waistline!

Tailored fitting – this bike can be tailored to your build exactly. Not only does it adjust in height, but it will adjust vertically as well. The design makes use of strong and light aluminum to let you adjust it efficiently as well.

And that is just five reasons why you can easily find better options than a Peloton spin bike. There are plenty of other Life Fitness creations that are also head, shoulder and front wheel ahead! Go see them for yourself.


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What Are SMART Goals?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Tuesday, November 20, 2018
What Are SMART Goals?

Whether you're just beginning your healthy journey or are a lifelong gym enthusiast there's one thing all gym-goers should have in common. Setting SMART goals are important to everyone for a host of reasons and they’ll be the driving force behind your workout routines. But, what exactly are SMART goals?

S Stands For Specific


It’s no good just saying you're going to run a marathon by the end of the year – you need to be able to specifically map the stages of achieving your end goal. To do this, make specific goals that answer questions such as: what? how? when? and where?

M Stands For Measurable

Your goals need to be measurable. Without being able to track your performance you’re not going to know how you’re progressing and won't be able to make progressions at the right time and speed. Seeing how well you’ve done can also be a great source of motivation. One way of making your goals measurable is to use quality fitness equipment that can track your performance for you.

A Stands For Achievable

You need to find the balance between setting yourself challenges and making those challenges attainable. Push yourself to become better but don’t aim to break records in your first week of working out.

R Stands For Relevant

The goals you set yourself need to be relevant to your aims. If you want to grow muscle, it’s better to set weight-lifting goals rather than a goal to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes. Make your goals specific and concise to get the best results you'll be happy with!

T Stands For Timely


Always make a timeframe for the different goals along with your progression. This will give you something to work towards and keep you motivated. Remember to give yourself some leeway on each deadline because life can get in the way and nobody’s perfect.


Our Fitness Equipment Store


Choose the best equipment to help you make SMART goals that make a difference. We stock all types of domestic gear and commercial equipment to make your gym as impressive as SMART-goal results.


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Should I Buy Local Or Online?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Monday, November 19, 2018
Should I Buy Local Or Online?

It’s too easy to put our feet up, browse the internet and find seemingly perfect exercise equipment delivered to your front door in a couple of days. Yet, a couple of days later reality can strike and you're left with poorly made or damaged products that don’t meet your expectations. Shopping online is great but there are a number of reasons why you should buy your exercise equipment in store.

Speak With Professionals And Get Demonstrations

When you shop in store, you get to speak to a professional about the equipment itself. What they tell you can help you pick between two or more models. They can also advise you on equipment by taking your personal circumstances into account. For example, if you have joint pain one treadmill may be better for you than another. An in-store professional can also give you a demonstration, so you go home and operate your exercise equipment safely. You don’t get this level of personal customer service when buying online.

Professional Delivery team

When buying online you often deal with two companies – the manufacturers and the delivery company. When things go missing or tuned up damaged you can be stuck in between a blame game with no resolution in sight and out of pocket. Avoid this and buy from a store with their own professional and knowledgeable delivery team you can trust.

Warranties And Financing Options

Online purchases often come with poor warranties that in-store offers beat hands down. Most exercise equipment shops also offer extended warranties and financing options. At our store, we have special financing options to help you get results today and pay tomorrow – or in a few months!

Buy Safely From Us!

We pride ourselves on offering a quality service that replicates all the benefits mentioned above. Browse our range of quality exercise equipment and come and visit us before handing over your money blind!


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Should I Buy A Whole Dumbbell Set Or A Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Sunday, November 18, 2018
Should I Buy A Whole Dumbbell Set Or A Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells?

Free weights are the best way to increase muscle size and strength. Unlike other equipment, they don’t guide you on a pre-determined movement pathway which therefore engages more muscles to stabilize the primary muscle group being worked. Not many people realise, but free weights are also a key component of any effective weight loss programme too. But, should you add a dumbbell set or a pair of adjustable dumbbells to your at-home gym? Read on to find out!

Dumbbell Sets

Our muscles are not equal - some muscles are stronger than others. This means that when we work out, we need a variation of weights to cater for a number of exercises targeting different muscles. For example, you wouldn’t use the same weight to do a chest press and a bicep curl – your chest is going to be a lot stronger. Getting a dumbbell set means you'll have a choice of weights to workout different muscles effectively. By always having access to the correct weight you won't choose lighter weights and compromise on progressions and you won't risk your safety by overstretching your capabilities.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Not everyone has the money or space to add a full dumbbell set to their home-gym ranks. Additionally, dumbbell packages require storage and dumbbell racks of significant size can be an additional expense. If these points are sounding familiar, then you may be better off getting an adjustable dumbbell set.


These are a single set of dumbbells that can be adjusted to imitate different weights. You can adjust their weight without needing to hold the dumbbell, which makes them safe and easy to use. They take up far less room and don’t require any specific storage.

See More Quality Exercise Equipment

We have a host of other exercise equipment for sale, including a variety of strength training machines and accessories. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!


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Which Is The Best Treadmill On The Market?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Saturday, November 17, 2018
Which Is The Best Treadmill On The Market?

Using a treadmill can reduce body fat, improve mental wellbeing and improve your bones and joints. With all these benefits to be had, it’s important that you choose a phenomenal treadmill that you can count on to last and one that offers unrivalled features. We have narrowed our search for the best treadmill on the market to two different models. One of them is perfect for home use and the other should be on the wish list of both homeowners and gym managers.

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What To Look Out For When Buying Quality Kettlebells And What Type Of Kettlebell Should I Get?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Friday, November 16, 2018
What To Look Out For When Buying Quality Kettlebells And What Type Of Kettlebell Should I Get?

A kettlebell was originally a cast iron ball with a handle attached to it. Times have changed and you don’t just find these pieces of exercise equipment in their original form anymore – there are now many different designs aimed at different skill levels and some even offer secondary uses. What hasn’t changed is their ability to transform physiques and make people stronger and fitter.


If you’re thinking about getting a kettlebell you should consider two main things. The first is the type of kettlebell you want. There's no longer one cast-iron-size to fit all and there are certain kettlebells for certain exercises.


You should also consider the material of the kettlebell. The more durable materials such as cast iron may be perfect for commercial gyms that get used a lot, but if you're using yours at home a handful of times each week then you'll need to think about noise and potential damage to décor rather than durability. 

What Type Should You Get?

Within our state-of-the-art exercise equipment, we stock a number of different kettlebells for sale. One of the most unique kettlebells is the Red Vinyl Dipped kettlebells. These are an innovative design because their handle is shaped to make them even more versatile. With these you don’t just get an ordinary kettlebell, you also get a dumbbell to perform even more exercises.


If you’ve just started your own home-workout space then you'll need to consider kettlebells that reduce noise and are kind to surfaces. Don’t disrupt the rest of the family or damage your surfaces by choosing the wrong kettlebell!


Other kettlebells are designed for classes taking on a kettlebell swing workout and you can get kettlebell sets for beginners with accompanying material to show you how to use them. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more designs to choose from!

See All Our Range

Our quality kettlebells are popular items, but we also keep a number of other awesome exercise machines and items within our ranks. Visit the home of quality fitness machines and accessories and contact us if you have any queries about our products.


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What To Look For In An Elliptical?

360 Guest of 360 Fitness Superstore, Bay Area's Best Fitness Gym Equipment - Thursday, November 15, 2018
What To Look For In An Elliptical?

Ellipticals are a fantastic option for those wanting to get fitter and lose weight. They’re cardiovascular machines and less harsh on your joints than a treadmill. There are many different types of ellipticals that have varied features and focus on different stride-like movements. For that reason, deciding on one can be stressful – we’re here to take that stress away!

Features To look Out For

There are lots of reasons to buy your exercise machinery from a store, but one of the most important ones is that you get to try the machine for yourself. Different ellipticals move in different ways so it’s crucial that you consider the movement pathway of the machine. Does it feel comfortable? Does it feel like it is aggravating ongoing issues? You could even look out for an elliptical with an adjustable stride to make sure it works for you.


If you’ve got an ongoing joint problem then you may also want to buy an elliptical that has suspension technology. A suspension is key for reducing joint stress even further and will keep you exercising in comfort.


If you're buying an elliptical for your home an important consideration will be how noisy it is. You can get ellipticals with super-silent operation to let the rest of the family sleep while you do your workout before heading off to work.


Sometimes it can be hard to motivate ourselves to start working out; we’d much rather take it easy and watch Netflix. Some ellipticals for sale will let you do both! You can get models which have iPad connectivity, so you can exercise and keep up with your favorite series.


It’s important to look at the details within the elliptical’s workout functions. As you exercise and drop pounds you'll need to progress your training - to do that you need progression. Find an elliptical with features such as incline increases and pre-set workouts to keep you on your toes.

Browse Our Elliptical Department

We stock a wide-range of ellipticals perfect for home workout areas and commercial gyms. Take a look at our elliptical range which boast the quality features mentioned above and get in touch if you have any further questions!


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